International Subcommission on Stratigraphic Classification

Wise Words

"Criticism is something you can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing"


Task Groups


Leader: Andreas Strasser, Switzerland,
Fritz Hilgen, Netherlands,
Philip Heckel, USA,

Outline: distributed in ISSC Newsletter 7 (June 2005).
Comments: received and forwarded to the leader. Available in the ISSC archive kept by the secretary Maria Rose Petrizzo.
Full text: distributed in January 2006, comments received.
Paper published: Strasser A., Hilgen F. and Heckel P., 2007. Cyclostratigraphy - concepts, definitions, and applications. Newsletters on Stratigraphy 42(2), p. 75-114.


Leader: Helmut Weissert, Switzerland,
M. Joachimski, Germany,
M. Sarnthein, Germany,

Outline: distributed in ISSC Newsletter 9 (June 2006).
Comments: received and distributed in ISSC Newsletter 10 (November 2006)
Full text: distributed in appendix to ISSC Newsletter 11 (June 2007), comments received.
Paper published: Weissert H., Joachimski M., Sarnthein M., 2008. Chemostratigraphy. Newsletters on Stratigraphy 42(3), p. 145-179.


Previous task group:
Leader: Ashton Embry, Canada,
Donald E. Owen, USA,
Benoit Beauchamp, Canada,
Erik Johannessen, Norway,
Piero Gianolla, Italy,

Outline: distributed in ISSC Newsletter 8 (October 2005).
Comments: received and forwarded to the leader; available in the ISSC archive.
Full text: distributed in February 2007, comments received and followed by a heated on-line debate (see Rejected in its first version. Revised version rejected by an ad-hoc international review committee of five experts chaired by Chris Kendall. Gianolla did not contribute to this version. Task group was disbanded and the current group appointed during the sequence stratigraphy discussion session at 33rd IGC in Oslo.

A new group was appointed by the ISSC Officers at Oslo:
Leader: Octavian Catuneanu, Canada,
Andreas Strasser, Switzerland,
Andrew Miall, Canada,
William Galloway, USA,
Maurice Tucker, UK,
Christopher Kendall,
Henry Posamentier, USA,

Outline: has not been distributed by the current group but one was distributed by previous group.
Comments: from the first outline were forwarded to the leader, and made available in the ISSCarchive.
Full text: distributed in February 2011, comments received in May 2011.
Paper published: Catuneanu, O., Galloway, W.E., Kendall, C.G.St.C., Miall, A.D., Posamentier, H.W., Strasser, A., and Tucker, M.E., 2011. Newsletters on Stratigraphy, Vol. 44(3), p. 173–245.